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Company Information (*Is being streamed thru #20 Tennessee Valley Training Center, Inc.)
Company Name Valero Energy Corporation
Company Location Memphis Site: 321 West Mallory Avenue

Memphis, Tennessee 38109-2402

Website & Phone Info   -or-   (901) 774-3100
Course Name Valero Energy Lockout Tagout
Course Code 20VLE02
Course Price $30.00
Course Length 30 minutes
Course Expiration (1) year from class date
Passing Score Students must score 80% or higher, in order to pass this course
Testing Opportunities Yes; but you must pay for the (1) retake allowed per day
Miscellaneous Info This course covers various topics relating to the Lockout Tagout Program at this Valero site including: Lockout/ Tagout (LOTO) Policy, Definitions, Responsibilities, Verification Guidelines, Lock Removal, LOTO Requirements for entering a Confined space.
Valid BOP/BOPR Card Yes; must have Valid/ Not Expired (BOP/BOPR) on file.
SSV Verification Yes; must have (SSV) submitted or already on file.
Other Courses Yes; (20VLE01)- Valero Memphis Site Orientation) (Required for ALL)

(20VLE03a)- Valero Energy Memphis Confined Space

Attendant Awareness  (Required for ALL)

(20VLE04)- Valero Memphis Bundle Pad Operation Orientation (Required for ALL)



Please Note: Additional training requirements may be needed depending upon the scope of work. Please refer to your contract or your Valero onsite contact for further training requirements.

(20VLE05)- Valero LDAR (Optional)

(20VLE06)- Valero RCRA (Optional)

(20VLE07)- Valero VPP (Required for all)

(20HFA01)- Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Awareness (Required for all working in ALKY unit.)

Background Screen No
Medical Services Yes; (DISA) drug screen is required
Reading Assistance Yes; Reading assistance IS allowed, with proven disability.
Other Languages No; course is in written English only.
ID Requirements Accepted forms of photo identification are: VALID/Not Expired Drivers License or State issued ID Card and separate Social Security Card without employment restriction stated
Exceptions/ Handouts No Exceptions will be made to this policy.
Additional Course Notes None
Course Delivery Date Unknown
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Course Code: 20VLE02

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