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  • Categories: Company Specific, Contractor Training, General Safety Awareness Training, Site Specific Training,
  • Types: Computer Based,

This is company specific training for Trinity Industrial Services.  It is streamed from ISTC.

This training is approximately 70 minutes in length, and requires passing a 54 question test with a score of 100%.

The training requirements are as follows:

Social Security Number Verification- Yes

Physical Social Security Card- No

Background Check- No

Reading/Coaching Assistance Allowed- No

Retesting Allowed- 2 retests per 30 days

Training Cost- $45.00

NOTE: If trainee has not previously registered for any training from ISTC, a copy of driver’s license will re required for registration for this course.


Course Registration

All information required. All of your information will be transmitted over a Secure Encrypted Connection.

Course Code: 09TIS

Registration is no longer available for this course.