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Company Information (*Is being streamed via #19 Houston Area Safety Council)
Company Name Tesoro Corporation
Company Location Corporate Office:  19100 Ridgeway Parkway

San Antonio, Texas  78259

Other Company Info www.wnr.com/   OR   (800) 444-5823 / (210) 626-6000
Course Information
Course Name  Tesoro Refinery LAR Permit to Work Process
Course Code 19TLARPW
Course Price $45.00
Course Length 30 minutes
Course Expiration One Year from date class was taken
Passing Score Students must receive a score of 100%, in order to pass this course.
Testing Opportunities May be retaken on the same day
Miscellaneous Info This computer based course provides an overview of the Tesoro LAR Permit to Work Process including:

Ø  Types of Work

Ø  Task Risk Levels

Ø  Steps to complete a job hazard analysis and permit.

Valid BOP/BOPR Card No
SSN Verification No
Other Courses Yes; (19SLAR) Tesoro Refinery Contractor Orientation


(19TLARC) Tesoro LAR Carson Site Specific Orientation

Background Screen No
Medical Services No
Other Items
Reading Assistance Not Applicable
Other Languages No; course is offered in written English only.
ID Requirements Picture ID
Course Exceptions No
Handouts Yes; Must receive the :”Permit to Work” Pocket Guide
Course Delivery Date 12/05/17- By:  Dana Gunn
Last Updated 12/06/17- By:  Holly Holbert


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