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Company Information (*Is being streamed thru #12 Alliance Safety Council)
Company Name Alliance Safety Council
Company Location 10099 North Reiger Road

Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70809

Other Company Info   OR   (225) 766-0955 / or toll

free at 1(877) 345-1253

Course Name Security Passport
Course Code 12SECPAS
Course Price $61.00/member & $65.00/non-member,

$74.00/walk-in registration for students

(*All charges are issued by Alliance Safety Council)

Course Length Not Applicable
Course Expiration Varies  (*The Security Passport is valid for seven years from the date it is issued unless the passport holder changes employers, in which the expiration date becomes two years fro the date it was issued.)
Passing Score 100%
Testing Opportunities Not Applicable
Miscellaneous Info Security Passport is a background check available to individuals and employers.  Developed with input from the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) and local construction leaders, it screens individuals on specific felonies.  Successful applicants receive a Security Passport photo identification badge.   The 3 to 7 day process may be initiated during safety training check-in or online.

Applicants must consent to an independent investigation conducted by a consumer reporting agency.  This investigation includes obtaining information covering up to the last (7) years regarding info about an individual’s criminal conviction background consistent with federal and state law.  Security Passport screens applicants on 51 felonies.  To download the complete listing- go to “” > Services>Background Screening>Security Passport Felony Conviction

Valid BOP/BOPR Card Not Applicable
SSN Verification Not Applicable
Other Courses No
Background Screen Yes; (12SECPAS) *This IS the Background screen
Medical Services No
Reading Assistance Not Applicable
Other Languages Not Applicable
ID Requirements/Required Documentation Required Documentation:

·         Photo ID (state issued identification card or drivers’ license)

·         Social Security card

·         Established residency in the U.S. for the previous 7 years.  (Those residing outside the U.S. within the past 7 years should apply for the variance instead of the Security Passport)

Course Exceptions/Handouts *See “” for a complete listing of handouts/forms associated with this Security Passport- which include:

·         Security passport Felony Conviction

·         Consent and Disclosure Form

·         Security Passport Information Sheet

·         Notice of Privacy Acts

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