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  • Categories: Company Specific, Contractor Training, Site Specific Training,
  • Types: Computer Based,
Company Information (*Is being streamed via #07 Safety Council of Texas City)
Company Name Matrix Service Company
Company Location 15333 John F. Kennedy Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77032

Website & Phone Info   OR  9281) 458-8781
Course Name Matrix Service Company Orientation
Course Code 07MATRIX
Course Price $45.00
Course Length Approximately 2-3hrs, but can extend beyond this time if section is not passed with a 70%.
Course Expiration (1) year from date in which course was taken
Passing Score Students must score 70% or higher, in order to achieve a passing score with this course.
Testing Opportunities Retest Policy: Each module can be taken until a score of 70% is achieved.  Trainee needs to follow specific instructions on how to take test for each of the 15 modules. The instructions are located at the beginning of each test on using the Check Answer and the Reset button. (If the answer is wrong, the trainee has the option to reset the answer and choose the correct answer. If they do not reset the wrong answer and click Next arrow, the answer is graded as incorrect.)
Miscellaneous Info Trainee must be a Matrix Service employee in order to take this course.   There are 15 modules, and at the end of the modules, there is a test.  It is at this point that a break may be taken, as the trainee will need to click a button to start the test.  The course is bookmarked where the trainee may accidentally or purposely close out the course, or request to come back the next day.  The course can be reset by using the Trainee Status Reset tool under the “frontdesk” of your SCTC Account.
Valid BOP/BOPR Card No
SSV Verification No
Other Courses None
Background Screen No
Medical Services None
Reading Assistance There is no verbal assistance nor is coaching allowed with this course.
Other Languages No; course is in written/spoken English only.
ID Requirements Students must present a Government issued ID/Permit/License bearing a current photo…This includes the following:

§  Drivers License

§  Military ID

§  TWIC Card

§  Concealed Handgun Permit

§  Passport

Course Exceptions/Handouts None
Additional Course Notes Contact SCTC with any questions regarding ‘07MATRIX’ training course
Course Delivery Date 09/21/2017- By: Larry Holbert
Last Updated 11/15/2017- By: Holly Holbert


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Course Code: 07MATRIX
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