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  • Categories: Site Specific Training
  • Types: Computer Based
Company Information (*Is being streamed thru #20 TVTC.org Website)
Company Name Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA LLC. (IVXP)
Company Location www.indoramaventures.com   OR   (256) 340-5489
Website & Phone Info
Course Information
Course Name IVXP Orientation Part 1
Course Code IVXP_A
Course Price $45.00
Course Length 83 minutes with test
Course Expiration (1) year from class date
Passing Score Students must score 80% or higher, in order to pass this course.
Testing Opportunities (1) Retake allowed per day
Miscellaneous Info This course requires a drug screen & a background check that are offered at TVTC.


FRS03- to be taken @ TVTC Only


Upon completion of this course- the National safety Council will print this course code on the back of one of our badges. It is then the students responsibility- to take our badge to TVTC and they will then transfer the course onto one of their badges.  The badge that you will receive from TVTC is the one which will allow you to gain access to the job site and their facilities,

Valid BOP/BOPR Card Yes; must have Valid/ Not Expired (BOP/BOPR) on file.
SSV Verification Yes; must have (SSV) submitted or already on file.
Other Courses Yes; must take (20IVXP_B) Unit Orientation- Part B with this course.
Background Screen Yes; must have (20BG9, 20BG5, or 20BCO on file.
Medical Services Yes; (DRG14) to be taken at TVTC

Other Items

Reading Assistance Yes; Reading assistance IS allowed, with proven disability.
Other Languages None; course is in written English only.
ID Requirements Students must present a Valid/ Not Expired State or Federal ID with picture and separate Social Security Card- if number is NOT on the ID.
Course Exceptions/Handouts No
Course Delivery Date Unknown
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All information required. All of your information will be transmitted over a Secure Encrypted Connection.

Course Code: 20IVXP_A

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