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  • Categories: Contractor Training, Site Specific Training,
  • Types: Computer Based,
Company Information (*Is streamed thru #19 Houston Area Safety Council)
Company Name Formosa Plastics Corporation
Company Location Site Location: 201 Formosa Drive

Point Comfort, Texas 77978

Company Website    OR   (361) 987-7000
Course Information
Course Name Formosa Plastics Corporation- Nitrogen Awareness
Course Code 19FPCNIT
Course Price $45.00
Course Length 30 minutes
Course Expiration (1) year from class date
Passing Score Students must score 80% or higher, in order to pass this course.
Testing Opportunities This course may be given up to (2) times to achieve a passing grade. If a passing grade is NOT achieved in two attempts, the employee will NOT be allowed to re-take the training course for thirty days.
Miscellaneous Info This site-specific orientation is a computer-based course and is NOT available by classroom instruction.   The final exam has (10) test questions, (8) of which must be answered correctly- in order for the student to achieve a passing score.

This course includes the following topics:

Ø  Introduction

Ø  Effects of oxygen Deficiency

Ø  Incident Overview

Ø  Safe Handling suggestions

Valid BOP/BOPR Card No
SSN Verification No
Other Courses Yes; (19FPCORT) Formosa Plastics Corp Site Specific Orientation
Background Screen No
Medical Services None
Reading Assistance Not Applicable
Other Languages No; course is offered in written English only.
ID Requirements Must be a VALID/Not Expired form of one of the following (bearing current photo) : Gov’t/State issued Drivers License or ID Card, US Military ID, Dept of Corrections Card, or Int’l/US Passport.
Course Exceptions/Handouts None
Course Delivery Date 09/26/2017- By: Dana Gunn
Last Updated 11/09/2017- By: Holly Holbert


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Course Code: 19FPCNIT

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