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  • Categories: First Aid & CPR
  • Types: Instructor Led

An excellent course whether you have an entire company to train, or just a few employees.  Training covers all the basics; breathing emergencies, sudden illness and injury.

This 2 day training course uses Video-Self-Instruction (VSI) and Watch-Then-Practice methods for teaching skills.  Studies show that students taught using VSI have higher retention rates than students using traditional training methods. Instructor Resource Kit includes Instructor Manual, Instructor CD, 68 minute DVD, and a Student Workbook.

Topics range from administering basic first aid to cardiac emergencies.  NSC training meets all OSHA guidelines for first aid/CPR in the workplace.

This training class requires a minimum of four participants.

NSC Member or Contractor Subscriber tuition $275.  Non-member / subscriber tuition $395.00.  Instructor kits (1 per instructor) are $164.95.  Student workbooks are $14.45.

Tuition is due at time of registration.  When registered, we will contact you to order Instructor Kits and Student Workbooks, as shipping charges and tax are applicable.  Kits and Workbooks will be billed separately.  Please allow a minimum of 7 business days prior to class date for material shipping.


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