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Company Name Association of Reciprocal Councils (ARSC)
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Course Name Fire Watch Training (Hot Work)
Course Code A11FWA
Course Price $45.00
Course Length 1 hour
Course Expiration 1 year from class date
Passing Score Students must score 70% or better in order to pass this course.
Testing Opportunities Unlimited
Miscellaneous Info This is an Association of Reciprocal Safety Council (ARSC) training course.  This training is for employees who work in a “Hot Work” environment, and designed to: Identify Hot work, Discuss precautions, requirements, and responsibilities for hot work.  Discuss OSHA and NFPA requirements associated with Hot Work, define permit requirements, Recognize elements needed for fire, classification of fires, and how to extinguish, Define Monitors and Monitoring Requirements, Define signage Requirements, Define employee and Supervisor responsibilities.

General overview of fire prevention & fire extinguisher use.  The course reviews the responsibility to prevent ignition of flammable or combustible materials.  Course has been updated to meet ARSC Reciprocal standards.

Valid BOP/BOPR Card No
SSN Verification No
Other Courses None
Background Screen No
Medical Services None
Other Items
Reading Assistance Not Applicable
Other Languages No; course is in written English only
ID Requirements Students must present a Valid/Not Expired Government issued (Federal/State/Local) Drivers’ License or ID Card bearing current photo, US Military ID or Military Dependent ID, US Passport bearing current photo, Federal Inmate Card, TWIC Card, or Native American Tribal Document.
Course Exceptions/Handouts None
Course Delivery Date September 14, 2017
Last Updated 01/30/2019


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