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As a service to our customers, National Safety Council offers Background Checks. These may be used for pre-employment purposes or may be used to provide site access to various plants and companies.

The Criminal Background Checks look through local, parish/county, and federal court records, national criminal databases, validate Social Security numbers, and other such locations. The look-back period is normally seven years. The background check is good for one year. The cost of the check is $70.00.

A individual’s  Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) may be included as an stand alone check, or may be done as an additional part of the full background check. It looks through state motor vehicle databases and reports license validity, moving violations, DWI convictions, etc. The cost of the MVR is $15.00.


To order background checks there is a four step process:

  • Download the below Applicant Disclosure and Authorization Form, and the Applicant Rights Under FRCA Form.  The Applicant Disclosure and Authorization Form must be filled out and signed by the individual named to be investigated.  Also, include a photocopy (color if possible) of a government issued picture ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, etc.
  • Under United States law, the Applicant Rights Under FRCA form must be printed and presented to the Applicant by the employer or other person who is requesting the Background Check.
  • Please scan the signed Applicant form and ID and email to us at for fastest service .  You may also send the signed forms to us via US Mail to National Safety Council, 8101 Kingston Road, Suite 107, Shreveport, LA 71108.  We do not accept fax copies.
  • For payment of your Background Checks, please continue with the above “Registration” tab to make your payment for the Background Check(s).

Please remember, we cannot process any background checks without having a signed Individual Authorization Form,  Company Disclosure Form, and a government issued picture ID from each individual being checked. Please ensure forms are legible.

Typical return time for Background Checks is from two to four business days.  Due to situations beyond our control, such as non-availability of courthouse records, incomplete applicant information, etc. the return times may be greater.

Applicant Disclosure and Authorization Form

Applicant Rights Under FRCA


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