Background Checks

As a service to our customers, National Safety Council offers Background Checks. These may be used for pre-employment purposes or may be used to provide site access to various plants and companies.

The Criminal Background Checks look through local, parish/county, and federal court records, national criminal databases, validate Social Security numbers, and other such locations. The look-back period is normally seven years. A picture ID badge showing successful completion of the check is issued, and is good for one year. The cost of the check is $70.00.

A individual’s ┬áDriving Record/Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) may be included as an individual check, or may be done as an additional part within the the full background check. It looks through state motor vehicle databases and reports license validity, moving violations, and DWI convictions. The cost of the MVR is $15.00.

To order background checks, please visit our “Training Courses” section and scroll down to “Background Checks” course code “11BKG”